Computer Network Repair


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Our computer network repair and support services keeps your computers talking to each other and the internet.

Your network is dependent on equipment such as open and managed Hubs, Wireless and Wired Routers and other such computer network equipment.

There are so many areas within a computer network that can cause problems with your network. There are also many components to a network which can be the cause of such issues. That’s why having a trusted computer network repair team is so important today.


Here are some items that can affect your network:

  • Network driver limitations
  • Interface cards
  • Network Cables, cabling
  • Cable distance limitations
  • Data compression issues
  • Web site availability
  • interface adapters
  • Broadband Modems
  • service interruptions
  • browsers used
  • Modem failure
  • Protocol issues

As a technician it is always interesting to figure out where one starts in the field of computer network repair. There are so many places in a network that can cause the problems or even failure. Sometimes it takes a bit of time and experience to analyze the network issues and make an informed decision on how to proceed with a computer network repair.

Printing, information gathering, video conferencing, network backups and so much more can be affected by a network that is not working properly.

Sometimes network equipment can fail, get out of sync, and have many other issues happening. Our computer network support experience allows us to diagnose and repair such issues so you can be up and running post haste!

Let RJZ Computer Services Inc setup your wireless or wired system in your home or place of business.

We can analyze, test, troubleshoot and evaluate existing networks both LAN’s and WAN’s. A well maintained network and its equipment will provide you will full time access with little or no downtime to online information that is critical to your business or home computer use.

Our computer network repair and support services can help maintain and repair your network so you’ll be up and running and have the least amount of interruption with your network and computer systems.