Computer Problems

Preventive Maintenance


computer problems fixed prevented Plymouth Kingston Middleboro MA computer problems Computer Problems Plymouth South Shore virus malware removal services Kingston MAAre computer problems slowing down your productiveness? We can keep your computer investment in tip top shape. This, in turn, keeps your return on investment, (ROI,) high and your Total Cost of Operation, (TCO,) low. With our recurrent preventive maintenance programs, it is a cheap way to keep your computer systems and household or business humming!

When you properly administer a preventive maintenance program custom tailored by RJZ Computer Services Inc it pays for itself by reducing computer problems and reparis. This can help greatly reduce the chance for data loss, corruption, and modular component failure.

By having  RJZ Computer Services Inc perform regularly scheduled computer tune ups for your computer systems, you can ensure a long life and minimum computer problems and repairs.

There are several important jobs we conduct for you which are:

  • Back up Data. You never want to lose business, QuickBooks accounting, MS Office and other important files.
  • Set up Backup systems and software.

There are many different types of backup devices along with backup software. These items can be very inexpensive depending on the application needed and types of backup and intensity needed.

  • Assure Updates for Operating Systems and Programs are current.
  • Assure you Security Programs, Anti-Virus and Firewall systems are in place and functional.
  • Assure that every component in your computer is functioning correctly.
  • Our diagnostic hardware and software is state of the art!
  • Setup and protect you systems with power protection devices.

There are many power protection schemes such as Line Surge Suppressors or Uninterrupted Power Supplies.

  • Assure the overall computer system is running optimally.
  • Keeping the air cooling systems in laptops, desktops and or servers clean for heat buildup issues
  • Cleaning dust from the interior of your computer

Your computer is made so that air flows through it for cooling purposes. We make sure those highways of cooling maintain open.

  • Complete hardware diagnostics of your computer system
  • Clean Optical media Drives
  • Assure all programs are updated to current, i.e., Adobe Reader Versions

We can custom configure a quarterly, semi -annual or annual preventive maintenance program for you or your company. We believe you have spent your hard earned monies for this equipment and you deserve an affordable way to keep it all running properly and smoothly and minimize any further computer problems. So we designed our computer tunes ups to be very affordable. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an on site computer tune up.