Computer Repair

In home computer repair


Are you asking “Who can fix my computer?” or “Is there computer repair near me?” If you so, then look no further. We provide in home computer repair services. We will gladly come to your home or business and see if we can resolve the problem right there.

Just like any other electronics device your PC can develop problems over time.  Our hardware and software diagnostic test equipment along with our computer technicians can troubleshoot problems when your computer or laptop is not working well.

There are three basic issues that come up and cause computers and laptops to either slow down or start failing. They are hardware failure, corruption and infections of various types.


Our computer repair service includes:

  • Memory failure
  • Upgrade Memory for computer needs
  • Processor Errors
  • Motherboard errors
  • Heat sink issues – Over heating
  • CMOS Barry issues
  • General BIOS issues, settings and errors
  • Virus removal
  • Switches set incorrectly
  • Hard disk failure
  • Keyboard errors of failure
  • Memory tests fail
  • Video Card issues or failure
  • Audio Card issues or failure
  • Hard drives et wrong for master Slave operation
  • Monitor failure or issues
  • Printer setup or miscellaneous issues
  • Network issues
  • Power supple failure or issues
  • Math Coprocessor errors
  • System Board errors
  • Game controller adapter errors
  • Graphics Hardware or Software errors
  • Wireless or wired LAN errors
  • Peripheral card errors
  • Data Acquisition equipment errors
  • Math Coprocessor errors
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Prom or Eprom chip failures
  • SCSI or USB connection failure
  • Operating system failure or corruption
  • DMA register failure
  • Power On Self-Test Errors
  • ROM Errors
  • Static Electricity Issues
  • MIDI adapter failures
  • Video ROM Error
  • Laptop repair


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The list above probably just caused your eyes to glaze over. That is where our expertise comes in! Between our test equipment, testing software and experienced technicians an in home computer repair is quite possible.

Hard Disk Errors that occur are frequently due to the amount of constant access and write usage that is generated with everyday use. Hard disk errors can also cause software issues if the center of the HDD error is at the heart of that file or program. Again that is where we come in. We can usually determine what is causing the HDD error(s) and solve it during your in home computer repair.

If for some reason we are not able to fix your computer onsite then we will gladly take it back to our facility, repair it there and then deliver it back to you.