Laptop Repair


Plymouth Kingston laptop repair services Carver Halifax Pembroke Bourne Wareham MA laptop repair Laptop Repair South Shore Kingston certified pc technician Plymouth Carver Halifax MAWe will gladly come to your home or business for a laptop repair job. But before we begin we always diagnose any computer including laptops. We want to assure that together we make an informed decision whether to fix or buy new, and that you are not putting good money into a bad or old computer system.

Keep in mind that there are two parts to any repair — one is parts and labor costs. The other part is laptops and computers age and down the road parts become hard to acquire or nonexistent all together.

For a recent laptop repair we were looking for a battery replacement for a 7 year old Gateway laptop that the battery had permanently failed. Gateway no longer made or carried the part; even with all our sources we could not find the battery whatsoever.

Her is another scenario. Let’s say you paid $299.00 for a laptop and you cracked your computer screen. A laptop screen repair costs on average between $200 to $500.00 for parts and labor. In that instant this would not be a good financial decision. The laptop screen repair outweighs the cost of the whole laptop purchase. Now if you had a expensive laptop $1200.00 and up then maybe the repair is warranted.

Another decision in considering a laptop repair is the age of the notebook computer. After 4 years any computer has basically seen its life. After 4 years is usually when components start to fail in any computer or laptop.

So we look at the age of the computer, total costs of parts, labor needed to repair, and other issues that need attention and see what the overall cost will be for the customer.

Unless you have experience we strongly recommend hiring a professional technician for any laptop repair. If you try and repair it yourself and make a mistake this could be very costly. It may be a wise decision to throw in the towel and buy a new laptop.

Diagnostics is a must to try and isolate and assure that we know exactly what needs to be repaired and if there are any other issues surrounding or independent of another needed repair. We always document such for you our customer

One of the major things we see all the time with laptops are frayed charger cords. They are relatively inexpensive and we can help you replace it.

One thing that we have seen time and time again is liquid damage. People place a drink next to the laptop or their computer and inevitably a spill causes serious damage to the laptop. Please do not eat or drink around your laptop or computer

We can fix basically any PC Compatible laptop, such as an Asus laptop, HP laptop, lenovo, Acer, a Toshiba laptop, etc. Please understand that if you have an old laptop it may not be financially smart to repair such a laptop.

We can help you choose a new quality laptop, set it up properly for you so that you will have a great experience. We can do this setup right in your office or home.

If you have any questions just e mail us. We look forward in helping you with your laptop repair needs.